VIR is Next!

As I write this the events at Watkins Glen and Road America are mostly behind us, and both had great weather.  A bit hot (and then cold as well at The Glen), but the sessions weren’t interrupted by rain of any significance.  That is a very good outcome for September in New York and Wisconsin!

This brings us to the third consecutive weekend event, the Heacock Classic Gold Cup at VIR.  We are very hopeful that this trend of good weather continues, despite Hurricane Florence which came ashore in North Carolina on Friday.  My personal experience with hurricanes in that part of the country is that, when they leave, it gets warm, sunny and humid.  With any luck that is what we shall see at VIR.

If you haven’t been to VIR, it has one of the most beautiful settings in all of racing.  A fast and flowing track set in a green backdrop of fields of grass (meaning lots of runoff) with pretty red barns for buildings.  That, along with the hospitality of our friends there, can make for a great weekend.

The Monoposto party will begin at 5 pm on Saturday at the Apex Vintage paddock.  The party is a joint effort between the Formula Junior Historics North America and Monoposto.  Your party hosts will be Sharon & Graham Adelman and Fay & Duke Waldrop.  Please stop by to chat with your friends and to make new ones.

Race safely and have fun!

                                    Marc Giroux
                                    President, Monoposto Racing




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