2018 Monoposto Racing Class Champions

The 2018 Monoposto Racing Season was complete with the event at COTA a couple of weeks ago and the final results have been tallied.  Congratulations to all the class champions!  Here they are:
                                    Bill Demarest – Historic Formula Ford
                                    Mike Hummel – Club Ford
                                    Travis Engen – Formula B
                                    Fletcher Belt – Formula Super Vee
                                    George Bruggenthies – Formula 5000
                                    Travis Engen – Indy Lights

            We will attempt to award your trophy to you at an event next season.  If our paths don’t cross, we’ll find another, albeit less personal, way to get it to you.  Those classes not listed above had no participant who competed in the necessary minimum of three events during the season.  A big part of winning the championship is getting out there and racing.  The level of racing and sportsmanship in our classes was excellent this year, and we would love to see you more often!

            A big THANK YOU goes out to all of you who hosted a party at one of the series events this year.  We are big believers in the racers on the track knowing each other.  Open wheel racing is such an intimate sport that caring about the welfare of the friend in the nearby car makes a difference.  If you would like to host an event next year, please let me know anytime.  You could even respond to me through this link: marc@giroux.com.  As the event date gets closer, we will reach out to you to make sure you are still interested.

            In my last message I asked for your ideas about the 2019 Monoposto schedule.  I received several responses, but your ideas will always be welcome through the above link.  If you have any thoughts of events we should add or drop, please let us know soon as we will be finalizing the schedule over the next month or so.  My next message will include the 2019 schedule.

            Enjoy the holiday season and the time to do maintenance and development of your car(s).  That part should be fun too!

                                    Marc Giroux
                                    President, Monoposto Racing




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