Vintage Grand Prix au Grattan XXX

It is mid-season for the Monoposto Classic and F70 groups as we head to the popular Vintage Grand Prix au Grattan at Grattan Raceway in Belding, Michigan this coming weekend.  As always, there will be a HUGE FVee field, with over 25 entries on the list currently.  That promises to provide for some great racing to watch or, better yet, to be taking part in!  The schedule shows two open wheel groups, with the FJr’s and FV’s in one and the FF, FB and F70 in the other.

Grattan is one of the most technically interesting tracks we run on.  It is twisty, tight, blind, off camber and even has the “jump” where most of the cars get airborne.  It isn’t as fast as the Flugplatz on the old Nürburgring, but it will get your attention and teach you not to start braking for the next turn while still in the air!  The track is a total hoot to drive.

The Monoposto Party will take place on Friday at 5:30 pm at Tom and Gretch Pixley’s paddock.  They are typically located in the grass overlooking the aforementioned jump.  Tom has a pretty red Wheeler Super Vee which should be easy to spot.  Tom was last year's FSV Champion. (He and his car are featured above.) Please stop by the Pixley paddock to congratulate Tom and visit with your fellow competitors.

Race Safely!

Marc Giroux
President, Monoposto Racing




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