The 2016 Schedule is Complete

The 2016 Monoposto Racing Season came to a close earlier this month at COTA.  It was quite a season, and we didn’t know for sure who would win any of the class championships until the final event.

Congratulations to our class champions for 2016! They are:

Mark Brannon – Indy Lights
Jamie Britnell – Historic Formula Ford
Tom Pixley – Formula Super Vee
Mark Harmer – Formula 5000
Ron Hornig – Formula B
Jim Yule – Formula Junior
Jim Moore – Club Ford

As always you can find the complete results using the menu links at the top of this page.  Those classes not listed above had no participant who attended the necessary three events in the season.  We will get the trophies out at events next year.

I would like to thank everybody who competed this year for their clean, safe racing and sportsmanship.  It is, after all, about everybody on the track having a good time racing with others who share their passion for the sport.  Without all of you it would be a pretty empty track.

A very special thank you goes out to all of you who volunteered to host a party at one of the events.  To me it is much more than just a place to drink beer and tell (mostly true) stories.  It is also about getting to know the other folks we race with so we will be not only competitive on the track but also concerned about the welfare of the friend in the next car.  If you are interested in hosting an event next season, just let me know.  It beats me calling around and begging!

If you have ideas about next year’s schedule, please let me know.  We plan to keep the total number of events the same but like to have suggestions on what we might add or drop. We will get the 2017 schedule out in December or January so you can start planning for yet another season.

We are also doing updating of some class rules, in particular Formula Ford.  If you have thoughts on them please let me know as well.  No promises that we can build them all into the update, but knowledge of what is on Ford drivers’ minds is helpful.

Enjoy the off season and be sure to get started early on the winter work on the car.  Unexpected things do occasionally pop up.


Race Safely!

Marc Giroux
President, Monoposto Racing




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