Down to the Last Event in 2018!

It’s time for the SVRA’s “U.S. Vintage National Championship” at COTA in Austin, Texas.  You probably just watched Kimi Räikkönen win on that very track last weekend.  Hopefully you watched closely enough to get some tips on the fastest line through some of the turns.  You may have also noticed the new bits of curbing added to encourage drivers not to exceed the track limits.  They were installed as a result of the last lap pass of Verstappen on Kimi in 2017.  I have read that they are 4 inches high, so by all means take a look on your first few laps.

The turnout of open wheel cars at COTA looks to be strong again, with 48 entries showing in the classic group and 29 in the wings and slicks group.  There should be lots of good racing throughout the field, assuming everybody keeps the car on the track and the oil in the motor.  Please try to do your best on both!  Since this is our last event for the year I've placed the Classic and F70 logos above as a reminder that most of the class championships are undecided. (Indy Lights and Formula B were locked up by Travis Engen at VIR.)

Given the size of the event, the number of other activities going on and the paddock layout, once again we are not going to organize a Monoposto party at COTA.  Our previous attempts weren’t really popular.

We are also getting ready to work on the 2019 Monoposto Racing schedule.  We take many variables into account, including event popularity, geography, timing and the desire to stay to about 10 events.  We would also like to hear from YOU regarding your thoughts on what events we should keep, drop or add.  Please get your input into the system by replying to

Have fun and race safely!

                                    Marc Giroux
                                    President, Monoposto Racing




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