Another Year of Racing and Camaraderie Begins!


All right fellow racers, it is time to roll those wonderfully prepared race cars into the trailer to start another season.  OK, some of you may have already gotten out to an event in warmer climates. 

That was the case with the Indy Lights series, which had its traditional opening race at The Mitty.  That weekend was blessed with nice weather.  There were also two exciting Formula Junior/Formula Ford races there as a bonus!

The broader Monoposto race series will, as was the case last year, begin at the SVRA Spring Vintage Festival at Road America this coming weekend. The grids thus far look quite good, with roughly 15 cars shown in each of the open wheel groups and a mix of cars which should give everybody somebody to race with.

I would like to thank Jacques Dresang for volunteering to host the Monoposto party at Road America.  It will take place at Jacques’ location in the large paddock area behind the St. John the Baptist food stand beginning at 5 pm on Friday.  The uniqueness of Jacques’ car should act as an aid in finding the right spot.  He drives a beautiful light blue and yellow Gurney Eagle Formula Ford, #46.  (See the bottom left car in the above montage of the 2017 Monoposto champions.) Please come to the party to talk with your competitors, share secrets and generally have a good time. 

Let’s all hope for warm, dry days!

                                    Marc Giroux
                                    President, Monoposto Racing



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