The 2018 Championship Season is Halfway!

With The WeatherTech International Challenge completed, nine of our championships are exactly halfway through the 2018 Monoposto Racing Calendar.  (Indy Lights passed the halfway milestone in July.)  We have had loads of great racing thus far, but you still have time to have some fun and score points!

Monoposto now heads to Michigan for a great event that has been on our schedule for many years: the VSCDA Vintage Grand Prix AuGrattan.  Regular Grattan participants know how much fun this track is, but for the rest of you it is really worth attending.  The track will make you chuckle in your helmet at times because it has a little of everything: a long straight, a “jump” where you actually get air and many cars go to full droop, a heavily cambered bowl, a highly off camber turn where you get a nice view of the false grid and some uphill esses.  Speaking of the jump, be aware that the track goes left after takeoff and then sharply right shortly after you touchdown and that tire smoke is easily visible from the paddock in the event you decide to brake before you touch down.

There will be special races for Formula Vee. The nature of the circuit makes it ideal for all of our smaller nimble formula cars. Above we recognize two of 2017 Champions in these cars. On the left is Marty Bullock, Formula Junior, at Silverstone and on the right, Bill Demarest, Formula Ford, at Mont Tremblant.

 Your Monoposto party hosts this weekend will be: 

  • Sharon Frey and Dan Hayes (Irish Racing)
  • Kathy and Frank Newton (F Newton Motorsports)

The party will begin at 5 pm on Saturday.  Your hosts are usually located in the upper paddock so, if you haven’t seen them earlier in the weekend, that location is a pretty good bet.  Please stop by to enjoy some conversation and refreshments with your fellow competitors.  You will find a great bunch of folks at Grattan!
Race safely and have fun!

                                    Marc Giroux
                                    President, Monoposto Racing




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